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Lake Hickory Attractions presents: Lake Hickory Escape! An ALL-NEW escape room and puzzle adventure destination, featuring two new escape room puzzle adventures: CARNEVIL and MINESHAFT! Choose Mineshaft to play with up to 8 players for 45 minutes. For a longer adventure, try our Carnevil room, which is a 60-minute puzzle for up to 10 people. If you’re looking for an immersive, adventurous, challenging, and exciting experience, Lake Hickory Escape is here for you!


You and your team are exploring an abandoned Mineshaft to discover lost secrets and unfound treasures, hoping you’ll strike gold and make it rich! You never know what national treasures and life changing secrets you may find in an old mineshaft! However, shortly after making your way into the Mineshaft, the cave entrance collapsed! Now, only 45 minutes of oxygen remain in the mineshaft. You must explore the mine for clues, riddles, and secrets to find or make a new way out and survive! Will you make it out alive?

Or will this be a one-way trip to the grave? Work together, be smart, and save your breath. If you’re lucky, you may make it out alive and find treasures along the way!

Adult: $28 (plus tax); Child: (11 & under): -$5; Senior: -$3; Military, Police, Fire, EMS (with valid ID): -$3


The city circus was amazing back in the day, but overtime it lost its audience. Actors and clowns were scrambling to find new ways to attract the crowd, even ways that are considered shocking and inappropriate by the common citizen. It didn’t take long for the city council to shut down the show after several suspicious incidents. However, the circus performers weren’t going down without one last performance with a show people would never forget!

   You are a freelancer of the local newspaper, eager to find a story impressive enough for the front page. So, you decided to take a sneak peek at what is coming. Little do you know what awaits inside the circus doors… You only have 60 minutes to discover the dreadful secret of the last show. Will you find a way to escape in time? Or will you become the next mystery of the circus?

Adult: $30(plus tax); Child: (11 & under): -$5; Senior: -$3; Military, Police, Fire, EMS (with valid ID): -$3