Q: Do we really get locked in a room?
A: Yes, but the entrance of the escape rooms is ALWAYS unlocked so if you must exit you simply come right back out the way you came in.  The goal of the game is to proceed forward by escaping each room to the final door.  If you make your way out of the escape room within 60 minutes you win.
Q: Can we book a room just for our friends?
A: Yes but you must book the entire room, otherwise others can book into the room with you.  However, if you book 8 people, for example; very rarely would anyone want to book in with you, but it does happen.
Q: Are children allowed in room without an adult?
A: No. children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by at least one adult inside the escape game at all times. 
Q: Is Lake Hickory Escape Handicapped Accessible?
A: Yes, absolutely!
Q: Do you have any tips for playing the game?
A: Yes! Our room is very detailed with many props. However not everything is a clue and some items may seem to be clues when they are not.  Work as a team.  Bring something to write on so you can write down notes.  While most escape rooms are simply one big room, ours has multiple rooms that you discover and break into. Just because you’ve escaped the first room doesn’t mean you may or may not need to back track to crack the room. No climbing! every clue is within standing reach. Be gentle, nothing requires excessive force.
Q: Is there an age limit?
A: There is no age limit. However, anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult in the escape room(s).